GamePlay on Minecraft version 1.11 – Exploration Update

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Minecraft Exploration Update v.1.11

Gameplay  on Minecraft

Minecraft is known as a three dimensional game in wich players do not have specific targets to perform , this gives players a freedom to choose in wich way to play the game .Gameplay on default mode is also known as playing the game as the first person but on this part it also allows players to play the game as the third person mode.This game.The center of the game play rotates around breaking  blocs.

The game is produced  of 3D objects  most of them cubes with different materials as stone , water and lava. Althoug players  can freely move around the world these objects can simply be placed at locations on the play.

At the beginning of the play , a player’s position is on the surface of the game world.This world is distributed into biomes starting from deserts to jungles and then to snowfields.Players can walk across the mountains ,forests and water bodies.

Regarding to the game time it follows a normal time like a day and a night lasting 20 minutes.During the game players meet also non-players characters as animals such as cows , pigs during the day time and in the night time they can also confront with spiders and zombies.

While playing the game players use maps in order to explore more about the game world.These maps are secured with the clock system at the time of the world creation except  it is identified by the player.Although there are boundaries on the movement Minecraft authorizes a larger game world , this can be achieved by cutting the game into smaller parts known as “chucks” wich are produced into memory when players are nerby the game zone.

The game play on minecraft consist of four different game modes : creatives , adventures ,survival and spectator but players can choose to play on the hardcore mode too.



Creative mode

The Minecraft game play creative mode allows players  to construct and create larger project on the game.On this mode players also have entry  into all resources of the game through the inventory menu , this option allows players on minecraft to place or remove them if they want during the game play.Players can easily fly around the game world ,while flying they do not have an impact on the hunger.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is a game mode that was added to Minecraft 1.1 version.It was planned in that way that players could experience maps and a lot of experiences on the game .Adventure game play is similar to survival mode but it inaugurates  some of the player restriction wich can be seen on the game play by the creator of the map.


Survival mode

On this mode players have to deal with natural resources that are found on the environment of the minecraft game zone.This mode has a characteristic is also a health bar wich is followed by monsters ,falls , drowning and other events.Players have also the hunger bar wich offers players to eat food on the game.While playing the Minecraft game on this mode players can earn experience points by killing the mobs and the other playes on the game world.


Spectator mode

On this mode players are authorized to fly around the blocks on the gameplay without connection.The hot bar becomes a menu that allows players to connect with the other players on  the game world.

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