Detailed Benefits of Minecraft Premium Account Explanation Briefly

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Minecraft Account - Premium Explanation between Free Account

Minecraft and Mojang are accounts that are linked with Minecraft Java Edition. Minecraft accounts are used in computers whereas Mojang accounts are available for all Mojang games. Below we will inform you about differences between them.


Mojang account

  • Minecraft Java Edition is linked to Mojang accounts.
  • You are registered into a Mojang account and with your email address, you can now have access in
  • After you make a purchase, you have to choose a Minecraft username and be part of the game.


If you have a Minecraft account since November 2012, the information below may be beneficial for you.


Mojang accounts (accounts that migrated from Minecraft account)

  • You have migrated your Minecraft account into Mojang account.
  • You log in into Minecraft and Mojang accounts with your email address.
  • You do not use your username to log in into Minecraft and


Minecraft account – paid ( also can be known as a premium account)

  • You have a copy of Minecraft that was purchased from
  • You log into Minecraft services and have full access to all the games with your Minecraft username.
  • By clicking you can reset your password and also you can migrate your account to Mojang.


Minecraft unpaid account

  • You have been registered into Minecraft account but you did not buy the game.
  • You log into Minecraft services with your account, but you can have access only in demo mode.
  • This kind of Minecraft accounts has been deleted in February 2015. Except for players who bought gift codes all other players had access to their usernames.

If you consider migrating into Mojang account below are the benefits that it brings to players:

  • You can modify your email address and username at any time
  • Minecraft username can be used for Mojang games
  • Your account will be more secure
  • You can have full access to Minecraft Realms.


If you decide to switch Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you can log into all Mojang services such as Minecraft,, and with your email address. And in this case, Minecraft game will turn into the game profile in Mojang accounts.

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