How a player can take screenshots in all Minecraft versions !

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Screenshot on Minecraft
Large Screenshot on Minecraft

 Screenshotting Guide

  How a player can take screenshots in Minecraft versions!

When a player builds something spectacular in Minecraft it does not make sense if it can not take a screenshot of it.So we are here to inform you about how a player can take the best scene of it.


Press F2 for taking a screenshot.To complete this action press search on your computer and type “%appdata%” and open the folder. Then open the Minecraft folder and press Screenshots.

Windows 10 Edition

First, you open the Windows game bar by clicking the Windows button and G at the same time and select camera icon to take the screenshot. Or if you want to take screenshot directly press Alt and Prison together.


To take a full screenshot press Shift, Cmd and 4 together.

Xbox One

Tap the Xbox button. After that press Y for taking the screenshot or if you want to make a video clip press X. To find all of your screenshots in the Captures section visit and log in into your Xbox Live account.


To take a screenshot hold down Share button on your controller.Or open a new menu and press Share button if you want to take a screenshot or record a video.

Wii U

Click Home button.Click into Miiverse to post a comment.And you will have the chance to post every image that appeared on the play when you clicked Home button.


To take a screenshot click sleep/wake on your phone and after that Home button both at the same time. Your screenshots will appear if you go through Photos App, in Albums and Camera Roll.


Press the Volume Down and Power Button at the same time.

Kindle Fire HD

 Here you can take screenshots by pressing the Power and Volume Down at the same time.

PS Vita

Press at the same time the PS button and Start button.Your screens will appear in the Photos folder.


Xbox 360 and Playstation3

Here it is not that easy. On Xbox 360 and Playstation3 it is not built the screenshot option that is supported in Minecraft. But you can solve the problem if you finance in video technology and then you will be able to take screenshots.This solution is not the cheapest solution you can find but if you shop around you will be able to take screenshots from the old versions.

Love only raise up by sharing, Spread The Word.

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