Detailed Benefits of Minecraft Premium Account Explanation Briefly

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Minecraft Account - Premium Explanation between Free Account

Minecraft and Mojang are accounts that are linked with Minecraft Java Edition. Minecraft accounts are used in computers whereas Mojang accounts are available for all Mojang games. Below we will inform you about differences between them.


Mojang account

  • Minecraft Java Edition is linked to Mojang accounts.
  • You are registered into a Mojang account and with your email address, you can now have access in
  • After you make a purchase, you have to choose a Minecraft username and be part of the game.


If you have a Minecraft account since November 2012, the information below may be beneficial for you.


Mojang accounts (accounts that migrated from Minecraft account)

  • You have migrated your Minecraft account into Mojang account.
  • You log in into Minecraft and Mojang accounts with your email address.
  • You do not use your username to log in into Minecraft and


Minecraft account – paid ( also can be known as a premium account)

  • You have a copy of Minecraft that was purchased from
  • You log into Minecraft services and have full access to all the games with your Minecraft username.
  • By clicking you can reset your password and also you can migrate your account to Mojang.


Minecraft unpaid account

  • You have been registered into Minecraft account but you did not buy the game.
  • You log into Minecraft services with your account, but you can have access only in demo mode.
  • This kind of Minecraft accounts has been deleted in February 2015. Except for players who bought gift codes all other players had access to their usernames.

If you consider migrating into Mojang account below are the benefits that it brings to players:

  • You can modify your email address and username at any time
  • Minecraft username can be used for Mojang games
  • Your account will be more secure
  • You can have full access to Minecraft Realms.


If you decide to switch Minecraft account to a Mojang account, you can log into all Mojang services such as Minecraft,, and with your email address. And in this case, Minecraft game will turn into the game profile in Mojang accounts.

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Meet up with the Creeper – New Blocks

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  Meet up with the Creeper

Accidents happen a lot in everyday life, that kind but if it is a happy accident everybody would be happier.Happy accidents like being given an extra cake because the seller gave you much more then you paid.And you can get that extra part of the cake without even payiThat kind of accidents would totally make you wish to happen to you often.

But with unhappy accidents, nobody would be happy.For example like everyone’s favorite exploded-guts also known as the Creeper.These slim lime horrors will stare at you with sadness look.And if you let it close you will soon have the common expression in your face.If the Creeper gets three blocks of you it can explode by transforming you into bits and it can ruin your building also.

And the Creeper was totally created by accident!


So here you have it explained what the Creeper is-a pig wich ended up being one of the monsters of Minecraft.Next time you should be very careful of how and what are you building because who knows it can transform easily into a Creeper and it can BLOW OUT very fast.

We asked a scientist about what were the chances that Creeper could happen to our readers.And she asked us to not contact her never again.This was soo goooooo, Interesting!

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How a player can take screenshots in all Minecraft versions !

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Screenshot on Minecraft
Large Screenshot on Minecraft

 Screenshotting Guide

  How a player can take screenshots in Minecraft versions!

When a player builds something spectacular in Minecraft it does not make sense if it can not take a screenshot of it.So we are here to inform you about how a player can take the best scene of it.


Press F2 for taking a screenshot.To complete this action press search on your computer and type “%appdata%” and open the folder. Then open the Minecraft folder and press Screenshots.

Windows 10 Edition

First, you open the Windows game bar by clicking the Windows button and G at the same time and select camera icon to take the screenshot. Or if you want to take screenshot directly press Alt and Prison together.


To take a full screenshot press Shift, Cmd and 4 together.

Xbox One

Tap the Xbox button. After that press Y for taking the screenshot or if you want to make a video clip press X. To find all of your screenshots in the Captures section visit and log in into your Xbox Live account.


To take a screenshot hold down Share button on your controller.Or open a new menu and press Share button if you want to take a screenshot or record a video.

Wii U

Click Home button.Click into Miiverse to post a comment.And you will have the chance to post every image that appeared on the play when you clicked Home button.


To take a screenshot click sleep/wake on your phone and after that Home button both at the same time. Your screenshots will appear if you go through Photos App, in Albums and Camera Roll.


Press the Volume Down and Power Button at the same time.

Kindle Fire HD

 Here you can take screenshots by pressing the Power and Volume Down at the same time.

PS Vita

Press at the same time the PS button and Start button.Your screens will appear in the Photos folder.


Xbox 360 and Playstation3

Here it is not that easy. On Xbox 360 and Playstation3 it is not built the screenshot option that is supported in Minecraft. But you can solve the problem if you finance in video technology and then you will be able to take screenshots.This solution is not the cheapest solution you can find but if you shop around you will be able to take screenshots from the old versions.

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GamePlay on Minecraft version 1.11 – Exploration Update

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Minecraft Exploration Update Premium Account
Minecraft Exploration Update v.1.11

Gameplay on Minecraft

Minecraft is known as a three-dimensional game in which players do not have specific targets to perform, this gives players a freedom to choose in which way to play the game.Gameplay on default mode is also known as playing the game as the first person but on this part it also allows players to play the game in the third person mode.This game.The center of the gameplay rotates around breaking blocs.

The game is produced of 3D objects most of the cubes with different materials as stone, water, and lava. Although players can freely move around the world these objects can simply be placed at locations on the play.

At the beginning of the play, a player’s position is on noticeable the game world.This world is distributed into biomes starting from deserts, to jungles after it with snow-fields.Players in Minecraft have the ability to walk the mountains, forests and water bodies.

Regarding the game time, it follows a normal time of day and night lasting 20 minutes.During the game, players meet also non-players characters animals like appalling, hog during the daytime and in the night time, they can also confront with spiders and zombies.

While playing the game players use maps in order to explore more about the game world.These maps are secured with the clock system by the time of the world creation except it is identified with a player. Also, there are some boundaries on the movement Minecraft authorizes a larger game world, this can be achieved by cutting the game into smaller parts known as “chucks” which are produced into memory when players are nearby the game zone.

The gameplay on Minecraft consists of four different game modes: creatives, adventures, survival, and spectator but players can choose to play in the hardcore mode too.



Creative mode

The Minecraft gameplay creative mode allows players to construct and create a larger project on the game.On this mode players also have entered into all resources of the game through the inventory menu, this option allows players on Minecraft to place or removes them if they want during the gameplay.Players can easily fly around the game world while flying they do not have an impact on the hunger.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is a game mode that was added to Minecraft 1.1 version.It was planned in that way that players could experience maps and a lot of experiences in the game.Adventure gameplay is similar to survival mode but it inaugurates some of the player restriction wichs can be seen on the gameplay by the creator of the map.


Survival mode

On this mode, players have to deal with natural resources that are found in the environment of the Minecraft game zone.This mode has a characteristic is also a health bar which is followed by monsters, falls, drowning and other events.Players have also the hunger bar which offers players to eat food in the game.While playing the Minecraft game in this mode players can earn experience points by killing the mobs and the other players in the game world.


Spectator mode

In this mode, players are authorized to fly around the blocks on the gameplay without a connection.The hot bar becomes a menu that allows players to connect with the other players in the game world.

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The Secrets of Shrunk

There’s something in a flash exciting about Shrunk, one of the late maps to be discharged for Console Edition’s Battle smaller than expected diversion. We get a kick out of the chance to believe that all the high quality maps we discharge are entirely dazzling – shrouded bays with the skeletal stays of abandoned privateer ships, taboo urban areas brimming with old sanctuaries and blooming cherry trees, and skyscraping aircrafts skimming above scenes of modern Victoriana. Be that as it may, Shrunk is distinctive: it takes something commonplace – a typical, if untidy, room – and changes it into something phenomenal, something epic, essentially by changing its scale.

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