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  • Enter the world of Minecraft

  • Welcome to our site! Minecraft is a lot more than a mere sandbox indie game. Its creative building elements allow players to build anything (well, mostly anything) out of the textured 3D cubes occurring in the game world.
    Since Minecraft is a sandbox or open world game, players can literally craft their own story within the confines of the world. Exploring, gathering the game's many resources, crafting and fighting off hostile fauna make up some of what players can accomplish in Minecraft. Whether selecting Survival, Creative or the harrowing Hardcore mode, players are afforded limitless opportunities in Minecraft.
    Though, there's something missing from all of that, especially if you're playing with a free account.

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  • A premium Minecraft account is essentially the key you need to accomplish most things in the world of Minecraft. In fact, you actually need a premium (paid) account to play the full game—and not just access the limited set of features offered to free account users.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • That's simple! You can use this account to gain access to the full version of Minecraft. A free Minecraft account is pretty much a premium Mojang account, complete with a unique username, password and associated Mojang email address. We will provide your Minecraft account details as soon as you complete our advertisers' offer.

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